We have developed a treatment regimen that will not only provide you with a relaxing experience but will help you lead to longer lasting wellness benefits.There is nothing as delicate as skin. Skin is alive, so it needs plant-based products rather than lifeless chemicals. Nidan uses herbs and oils according to leading dosha and skin type – vata, pitta & kapha which heals the skin.

” There is No Cosmetic for Beauty like Happiness.”

Nidan Facials


  • Anti-pigmentation and Fairness Facial (Ayurvedic Kaantivardhanam Mukha Abhyangam)
  • Rejuvenating and Anti-aging Facial (Ayurvedic Jaranasnam Mukha Abhyangam)
  • Detox and Anti-acne Facial (Panchtatva Mukha Abhayangam)
  • Relaxing and Meditative Facial (Marma Mukha Abhayangam)
  • Mukha Lepanam
  • Slows the skin’s aging process
  • Purifies, nourishes, and tones the skin on a deep cellular level
  • Heals the skin and clears negativity
  • Enhances health and beauty with in
  • Shiro Basti (For Head and Neck Problems)
  • Results in glowing, flawless, and radiant skin


A Cleansing Procedure

Nidan Hair Treatments

  • Shiro- Abhyangam (Destressing Ayurvedic Head Massage)
  • Shiro- Dhara
  • Shiro- Lepanam (Hair Spa Treatment)
  • Shiro- Basti


  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp
  • Releases stress and negative thoughts
  • Prevents hair loss, dandruff, and premature graying of hair
  • Softens and smoothes the hair and brings luster
  • Relaxes the person by stimulating marma points