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Why Helen’s Spa?

Herbal & Natural

Helen Spa only uses Nature cure at its best without harsh toxic chemicals.

Steam Bath

Using the Steam bath such as Sauna, the circulation improves a great deal.

No toxins! Safe

Herbal & Natural products tap body’s natural healing process for treating conditions.

Give yourself, and rejuvenate your mind & soul

Where nature meets bliss

Remember to unlock from within you, the stillness and the sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time to be yourself. Make a decision to empower yourself by opting to go to Helen Spa. Since prophylaxis is better than cure or treatment after the problem has surfaced!

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Deep Tissue Massage
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Why Helen Spa is the best
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Different Styles of Massage Therapy

By different styles of massage therapies like Swedish, Thai, Poultice & Reiki, Spa cares for you.

The Healing Power of Aromatherapy

Helen Spa uses exotic plant oils, flowers, and sandalwood aroma to enhance the well being.

Palliative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not only for physical needs but also for its role in the wellness of beings at Helen Spa.

Using the Healing power of Nature

Nature offers enormous benefits in terms of nourishing the complexion of skin and internal organs.

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